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When great minds come together, great things happen.

The best ideas come when we least expect them, right? Especially the ones we co-create. When you switch off in the right place with the right people those flashes of shared inspiration shine brightest.

That’s what The Human Space is all about. We’re creating room for professionals to switch off without “switching off”. Why? So they can meet others like them, people looking for sparks of inspiration, in spaces that draw out creativity through play rather than pressure.

Sometimes growth, change, and development can’t be found on the corporate ladder. Sometimes they’re waiting in experiences happening nowhere near a boardroom. Where are they? In the authentic connections you’ll make within The Human Space. 

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what they say...

We’re passionate about our mission to shake up what the phrases “professional networking” and “professional development” mean. We’re not exactly shy about our thoughts on why it matters, either.

Whenever you broadcast a message, you’ll raise a few eyebrows. Some may think our goal of enabling development and growth without yawns or groans is pie-in-the-sky dreaming.

We get it. We’ve been burned by corporate development and networking stuff before too. That’s why we’ve let some past The Human Space attendees say a few words on our behalf:

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We’ve got big plans for bringing The Human Space to the world, including building a community so you can find authentic connections no matter your location! Right now you can find us on LinkedIn and Instagram. Come and join in on the discussions and stay up to date with the latest!

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