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You know what The Human Space is (if you don’t, check the rest of the site). The big question remains: who is The Human Space?

We’re a group of collaborators from a range of professional and corporate backgrounds. The Human Space team came together not because of job roles or functions, but because of our shared drive and passion.

The Human Space began with a spark – the name of an event in 2019 where Ryan and Monique brought professionals together around the topic of transformation. Fast forward a few years and following a paradigm shift in how we see the world now,  we’ve picked up our spark and set it alight, creating The Human Space as you now know it. 

The team is so passionate about Human Space events and learning experiences because we’ve experienced the spark-generating atmosphere of them first-hand.

Have a look through our profiles. As you can see, everyone brings something different to the table. It’s that spice-of-life variety that’s made The Human Space possible.

ryan bright

With a big heart and relentless passion to create a better world, Ryan steps boldly onto new paths to do all things people differently, smarter and kinder! 

Ryan has over 20 years-experience in Human Resources Leadership and Global Operational Strategy with industry-leading organisations as well as setting up his own successful business.  

For Ryan, partnering and working with people, is not just his day job, it’s a way of life. He walks the people talk and goes about his day deliberately asking questions of himself and others like: 

How can I help someone today? How can I be the best part of someone’s day? 

Founding The Human Space is a natural progression for Ryan who is passionate about the life-changing value of personal growth, and he loves to create a safe space for people to explore, evolve and thrive. 

“The Human Space is where we truly have space to invest in ourselves. It’s a place where we can shake off complacency, gather energy and come together as a community to grow – for good.” 

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Monique purcell

She gets stuff done! Incredible stuff! Bringing bundles of energy to creating new and improved ways forward for people open to learning and connecting. 

Tell Monique something is too hard to achieve or hasn’t been done before and she smiles. When it comes to delivering something that will improve people’s lives, she always finds a way.  

That’s because Monique is driven by her purpose of helping people be the best they can be. 

Monique brings extensive experience across Capability Development, Operations Leadership and Talent Management and she has a boundless spirit for fostering new ways for people to flourish. 

“We have so much experience genuinely listening to people, and we know there’s a yearning for deeper connection and growth. The Human Space is a place where we facilitate this and where we continuously improve and help each other as we go.” 

Monique shares her passion and energy generously, helping us all step forward with courage. 

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nic grey

Nic brings creativity, versatility, new ideas and a plan to bring it all to you! 

With a background ranging from Federal Government and Human Resources to Jewellery Making, diversity is a great way to describe Nic’s experience.

Nic loves to connect creativity with people which makes her a perfect fit as our content guru, where she brings you The Human Space through our channels, including social media and events.

We think Nic is pretty incredible – she also runs her own e-commerce business and is studying law. Nic is unafraid to embark on new adventures and loves to keep learning.

“The Human Space is unlike any concept I have ever worked on. It’s an environment where fostering connection and authentic growth is at the heart of operations and that’s something I have never experienced,” says Nic.

 “It’s not just an exciting concept but an ideology that Ryan and Monique live and are sharing in a tangible way. Keep a look out for what’s coming to The Human Space.”

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sabrina gruenbauer

Sabrina has a flair for creating sparks – especially through meaningful and memorable events that leave people saying Wow.  

Sabrina is our event extraordinaire bringing her years of experience in event management, learning and development, tourism, engagement and marketing to create events for The Human Space that you won’t forget – in a good way!  

Sabrina is dedicated to making sure people walk out of The Human Space’s events inspired by new perspectives and genuine connections. 

For Sabrina, The Human Space is exactly the place she’s meant to be.  

“The stars have aligned. The Human Space makes so much sense to me – it’s a place where we bring people’s personal and professional side together and focus on the whole human,” Sabrina says.  

Come and see the magic Sabrina weaves and the joy she generously shares and sets alight for others at our next event. 

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