What is the Human Space?

What is the Human Space?

The Human Space is a community of individuals with a shared passion: to create a space where people can invest in themselves. Where you get to shake off the status quo, form deep connections, learn and share in a new way that is meaningful, relevant and transformative.

If you’re imagining dry finger food, bland back-and-forth elevator pitch conversations, or experts droning through a two hour slide deck, then you can halt that eye-roll.

We know. We’re sick of them too. That’s the point.

Our approach is simple: leave your job title at the door. Step off that career ladder and enter a space where you can lower your corporate worksona defences. We believe you can’t build authentic connections being your inauthentic self. The Human Space enables you to be the most innovative, creative, spark-generating version of you there is.

We bring people together so they can relax into that joyful, spontaneous mindset from which all the best ideas spring.

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From the original event that sparked the idea of The Human Space, we experienced just how much more productive, inspiring, and valuable our outside-the-box approach to learning and building your network is.

Development and innovation take passion. Passion is a high-energy emotion; it doesn’t thrive in dull situations with uninspired company. The Human Space puts passionate people in charged environments so the creative sparks can fly.

We love bringing together creative people from all sectors and watching them flourish. Our firm “leave your professional title at the door” stance lets everyone relax into their best creative, spontaneous, and (above all) human self.

As for who we are? That’s easy.

We’re a mixed bag of driven professionals who’ve worked and succeeded together. It was noticing that the ideas behind those successes rarely came to us when working that gave us… well, the idea.

Oh, and it didn’t come to us in the office.

Since then we’ve been passionate about bringing creative people and leaders together. We’ve done the scientifically impossible: hosted learning experiences and networking events you DON’T want to escape.

For us that’s what it boils down to. The Human Space is for the change makers, the inspired, the ones out there ready for a new way to do things and make an impact. How do we find those people? Because we are those people, and despite the rumours opposites don’t attract.

If you’re one of those people too we look forward to meeting you at an event!

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